Why You Should Avoid Automation for LinkedIn

“In the long term, artificial intelligence and automation are going to be taking over so much of what gives humans a feeling of purpose.” That quote about our dark, dystopian future was from Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of the English rock band Muse. Without getting too existential, the sentiment behind his quote underscores the difference between artificial intelligence and humans: feelings. There really is no substitute for the human connection. Not in person, and not online.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

This is especially apparent when it comes to social media sites like LinkedIn.  While it may be tempting to automate certain tasks on LinkedIn like invitations, responses, and pitches, there are a great number of reasons to avoid it. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t use automation on LinkedIn:

You Could Get Banned

If you opt to use automation for LinkedIn, you have to be very careful how you go about it. LinkedIn does not allow any automation system that redirects messages or that mass-adds contacts. All this can be found in LinkedIn’s terms of use. It is simply not worth the risk; you could potentially lose your account and all its messages and contacts. If you did lose your account, you would be forced to rebuild your entire network from square one again, which is about as inefficient as you could be.

Frequent Errors

As anyone who has attempted to integrate their resume online can attest, automation tools don’t always work as expected. In fact, they are less likely to work on LinkedIn, because the site regularly changes its programming to discourage people from using automation. Your auto replies might be missing names or have long, odd strings of text behind them. If you wanted to make a lasting impression on someone and your automated reply showed itself to potential leads in its incomplete template state, your professional reputation could seriously suffer.

Too Impersonal

One of the main functions of LinkedIn is to make genuine human connections through the lens of business. It’s difficult to do that with impersonal, automated messages. Because everyone is different, there is rarely going to be a one-size-fits-all response to a message or an invitation, so it doesn’t make sense to send out cookie cutter messages. Sending automated messages is inauthentic, and in addition to people being able to sniff it out, most people will think you don’t care enough to take the time to get to know them personally, or, worse, that you are disingenuous.


Automation is not the way to optimize the efficiency of your LinkedIn profile, for all the reasons we’ve covered. But if you still want to set yourself apart, there’s another way. You can hire a LinkedIn expert to manually handle your account. This will allow you to get more out of LinkedIn, while offering greater personalization than simply automating tasks. For more information, you can visit us at  www.linkedinleadgeneration.com/


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